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Anticipated payment online

1. What security tools does the company use?
Grupo Posadas employs a variety of physical, administrative and technical measures to ensure the security of data processed by the company. All tools are designed to reduce the risk of lost data, improper use of data, unauthorized access or improper modification of personal information. We utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) lines to transmit credit card information and personal identification information online. This assures that the information is encrypted when it travels over the Internet and it is stored on a secure server once it arrives to the company. The information you provide is kept confidential in accordance with the Grupo Posadas privacy and security policies.

2. Is information transmitted via the Internet completely secure?
If you choose to contact Grupo Posadas through the website, you should know that no information transmitted through the World Wide Web can be guaranteed secure. Grupo Posadas assumes no responsibility for the loss of information transmitted to us via the World Wide Web. If you are using a credit card to make a payment though our site, however, the payment information is encrypted in the transaction and is secure.

3. How do the company's security measures work?
When we request credit card information, it is transferred through a line protected with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) whenever you are using an SSL-compatible browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. We also use SSL in other pages where you are asked to provide personal identification information. This assures that your information is encrypted prior to traveling over the Internet. You will know that the line is in secure mode when the padlock icon at the lower-right or lower-left of your browser appears in the locked position. Also, when accessing a secure server, the first characters of the website change from "http" to "https." After the information is received by Grupo Posadas, it is stored in a secure server that resides behind firewalls designed to block unauthorized access from outside the company. Depending on how we use the information, additional security measures may be employed as the data is transmitted to our hotels or other operations within the company, according to our privacy policies.

4. Is it necessary to provide credit card information for each reservation that I make?
Grupo Posadas needs to have your payment information for each transaction. With just a click, you can securely provide your name, credit card number, address and phone number that corresponds with each reservation. Each transaction is backed by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology as well as the standards of Private Communications Technology (PCT), supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer and other popular Browsers. These technologies enable you to make purchases over the Internet as easily and safely as over the phone.

5. Is my credit card number safe?
Each transaction is secured through the use of SSL technology, which assures the sensitive information for hundreds of thousands of Grupo Posadas customers. The Grupo Posadas websites utilize SSL and other available technologies to assure the security of credit card information transmitted through the Internet. The SSL encrypts information (including your name, address, phone number, password, credit card number) in a manner that allows only authorized personnel access to the information, and only for the purpose of processing your itinerary. Our security measures ensure that doing business over the Internet is as safe as making purchases over the phone.

6. What does Grupo Posadas do with my credit card information?
Grupo Posadas does not compile or store your personal information without your knowledge and permission. The information is only used by Grupo Posadas and required providers to process your payment and provide the services you have requested. Grupo Posadas allows you to see, correct and remove your personal information and makes every reasonable effort to protect the personal information we collect from our customers.

7. Is it possible to make changes or cancel a reservation?
If your reservation was made with a pre-payment discount, no changes or cancellations can be made, according to stated policies.

8. Is it necessary to provide credit card information when making a reservation?
A credit card or debit card is required to confirm a pre-paid discount reservation. Information transmitted through our reservations site is guaranteed secure. If you would prefer not to pay in advance, please call our Central Reservations office to select your rate. Guests can also establish a debit account at the hotel of their choice. Call (800) 504-5000 for more information.

9. I am receiving the following error when attempting to make a reservation: "A system error has occurred and the transaction can not be completed." What does this mean? This message is displayed when the reservation system is unable to effectively communicate with the bank to confirm the credit card information. Please confirm your information and try again or contact our Client Services number at (800) 696-1313 or to verify the status of your reservation and payment.

10. Why am I having problems reserving hotels or purchasing other parts of my travel package, such as tickets, through the website? I am receiving one of the following messages: "Card Security Verification Failed," "Bank Declined Transaction" or something similar.
These error messages indicate a problem with your bank. The transaction is not being accepted. Possible reasons include: incorrect security code, insufficient funds in the account, expired account number or similar errors.

In some cases, you may receive an erro that says, "Payment Server detected an error," "Transaction Aborted" or something similar. In these cases, it is possible that your Internet connection is too slow or unstable and the transaction can not be completed. We advise you to go back and try again or try again from a better connection. It is also best to complete the transaction without long pauses during the process