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With its prime location, Grand Fiesta Americana Puebla Angelópolis is the perfect home base from which to experience Puebla's many attractions.

The city boasts more than 1,000 wonderfully preserved colonial and baroque buildings, some adorned with the traditional Talavera (painted ceramic tiles) for which the city is so famous. There are also magnificent churches including the Capilla del Rosario, as well as the Palafoxiana Library, one of the best-preserved ancient libraries in the world.

Local Events

Our hotel is located in the modern Angelópolis district of ​​Puebla and is next to the Angelópolis shopping center, the largest and most modern shopping destination in the city. La Estrella de Puebla, the largest observation wheel in Latin America, is right across the street. Within walking distance are a wide range of elegant shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The concierge and staff at Grand Fiesta Americana Puebla Angelópolis will be happy to recommend fun things to do and visit, and can help you with excursions, ticket purchases, transportation, and anything else you may need.

Local Attractions

Puebla star near the Grand Fiesta Americana

Estrella de Puebla

Live an incredible adventure experience in the Estrella de Puebla.

Close-up of gate in Baroque Museum near Grand Fiesta Americana

Museo del Barroco

Explore this world-class museum in the beautiful city of Puebla.

Toys in La Esquina toy museum near Grand Fiesta Americana

Centro Histórico de Puebla

Treat yourself to a stroll through the picturesque city center. 

Woman at Rio Cuale Craft market near Grand Fiesta Americana


This fun tour will transport you to a Tuscan-inspired town.

An archeological wall with designs near Grand Fiesta Americana

Zona Arqueológica de Cholula

La Gran Pirámide de Cholula, or Tlachihualtépetl, is the largest pyramidal base in the world, measuring 400 meters per side. 

Couple in Sentura shopping center near Grand Fiesta Americana

Centro Comercial Angelópolis

Take some time to get to know this shopping center in Puebla.

Mountain & building view in Atlixco near Grand Fiesta Americana


Take a tour of one of the most stunning magical towns in Puebla. 

Football on Estadio Cuauhtémoc near Grand Fiesta Americana

Estadio Cuauhtémoc

Experience the excitement of soccer at the Estadio Cuauhtémoc.

Close-up of a baseball in a glove near Grand Fiesta Americana

Estadio de beisbol Hermanos Serdán

Visit the Estadio de beisbol Hermanos Serdán. I

Couple shopping at Outlet Puebla near Fiesta Inn

Outlet Puebla

A few minutes from the hotel, this square features outlets for luxury clothing brands.

Church of Our Lady of Health near One Hotels

Zócalo de Puebla

Visit the Zócalo of Puebla, where the beautiful San Miguel fountain is located, with the cafes in its portals and the restaurants on its terraces.

Flowers in the Jardines de México near Grand Fiesta Americana

Africam Safari

Africam Safari is a Mexican wildlife conservation park located 16.5 km from the city of Puebla, where animals roam in controlled freedom and in captivity.

Financial District

Movie theater

Shopping Center



Bus terminal

Local Events

Carrying a cross in a procession near Grand Fiesta Americana

Procesión del Silencio

Religious celebration held on Holy Thursday in the city center.

Ferries wheel Estrella de Puebla near Grand Fiesta Americana

Feria de Puebla

Puebla's biggest festival, with artistic and cultural events.

Served Mole Mexicano dish at Grand Fiesta Americana

Temporada de mole de caderas

Savor this dish from Tehuacán around the time of the Day of the Dead.

Close-up on the music festival held at Vivo near Fiesta Inn

Festival Catrina

Attend the most famous music festival in Cholula.

A music festival held at Vivo near Grand Fiesta Americana

Tecate Comuna

This year's edition will feature the participation of 29 bands and soloists.

Upcoming Events


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