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Always a good time to travel

Family having fun by the outdoor swimming pool at Gamma Resort


Many times, while we are going through the motions of our daily routine, we forget that we are just a few hours away from amazing places. Leaving your house to go on a vacation or long weekend is always exciting and has its own magic to it. Surely you can remember the last time you felt those pre-vacation jitters and the excitement of the journey that was about to begin. The anticipation before you arrive to a hotel as well as the anecdotes and conversations on the way back are a surely a memorable part of every trip. As cliché as it might sound, the journey is just as important as the destination. If you live near an international airport, chances are that you can have an early breakfast at home and a ceviche for lunch in Puerto Vallarta. The connectivity we enjoy now is remarkable and trust me, you don’t have to go to the other side of the world to land somewhere amazing.

In Mexico there is a wealth of places you can visit and something that is generally overlooked by many is that major cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey are extraordinary choices to visit for leisure travelers. These three major cities are constantly evolving and have grown to be considered some of the world’s most recognized metropolis which offer world-class entertainment options, sporting events and are filled with cultural and historical value. While each and every one of the three cities is completely different, discovering restaurants, bars and charming shopping areas is a real treat since every neighborhood has its unique personality and hidden gems.

Recognizing that sometimes it is well worth it to visit a cultural destination to switch it up a bit, places like San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, Morelia, Guanajuato or Zacatecas possess a colonial charm with the amenities of modern Mexico and are worth experiencing. For example, the perfectly curated wine country that surrounds Guanajuato and Queretaro is the ideal excuse to take a few days to enjoy the award-winning wineries that are nestled right at the heart of Mexico.

Even if it's only for an impromptu weekend getaway, everyone needs a break sometimes. We all deserve a little pampering and distraction before reigniting our brains each Monday morning. Think of it this way, traveling is to life like coffee to your morning, we don't need it but it sure makes everything so much better if we have it. The best part is, it’s really not that hard to book either, your perfect getaway is literally a few clicks away. Checking out a new city, pueblito or beach destination is just what you need to revamp your stamina. And not to brag, but we have hotels everywhere you can fly into in Mexico so... don’t be shy, choose whatever your vacation imagination truly craves.

Aqua San Miguel de Allende Urban Resort at Fiesta Americana


If you travel mostly for business, well… we can do business travel, and we can do it really well. By now we are all fully versed on zoom, teams, google hang outs, blue jeans and all the platforms out there for digital meetings, but at this point we all also understand the true value of being face-to-face. Nothing can replace an in-person sales call; this lets your client know you care and that you are interested in staying connected. Especially with renewals and new business deals, your best bet is to have your client in front of you to make your pitch. These business trips don’t have to be a total drag, there is way more to a business trip than just the meeting, there’s the wine and dine portion as well as the occasional wink wink drink at the bar, all of which you can do within your hotel. If you are staying at one of our hotels, your trip is automatically upgraded from business to bleisure.

Outdoor pool at Fiesta Inn Playa del Carmen at Fiesta Americana


Getting back to leisurely travel; we are aware that certain life events or milestones really get us in the mood to plan a trip. Whether it is a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or getting to know someone new, we all want our memories to be perfect. Family vacation is known to be one of our fortes, if you are traveling with the kiddos, we’ve got plenty of options with great areas for the whole family to enjoy. Rest assured that no matter what the occasion is, we have a special hotel that will feel like it was meant to have you and your loved ones as a guest. We have been in the business long enough to know that ambiance is everything so make sure you check out our family of brands to get inspired.

And in conclusion, if the idea of breakfast in bed delivered by room service seems heavenly, this is yet another indication of why you need to travel and treat yourself to some of our freshly made chilaquiles. You deserve it.