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Paquete Grand

Table utensils on outdoor table setup at Grand Fiesta Americana

Centerpieces with choice of base and flowers
Salon for use by stylists (does not include stylists)
One waiter for every ten people
One captain for every 20 tables
One bartender for every 50 people
One hostess for every 100 people
One security officer for every 100 people for the event.
A floor person in ladies and gentlemen's dressing rooms
VIP valet parking service
Courtesy room for the couple the night of the event, includes breakfast on Sunday
VIP treatment for the couple
Breakfast for the parents of the wedding couple day after the event
Special room rates for your guests (minimum 10 rooms and subject to availability)
The wedding coordinator will be on hand throughout the event
Five-minute fireworks show and DJ
Quarry wall lighting

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